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    Rituel de Nouvelle Lune, Juillet 2020



    Sauge blanche


    Cercles de parole


    Méditation à la bougie

  • Le rituel du parfum





    L'importance des senteurs...

    People say that guys are visual and are easily pleased by what they see, while girls tend to fall for verbal stuff. But what people are missing is that both men and women can be easily influenced by the sense of smell. Although the same aroma would probably trigger different feelings or reactions to men and women due to personal likings, there are certain scents that are scientifically proven to trick your brain into experiencing certain feelings. For example, the very famous lavender scent is linked to relaxation. So wearing a scent is more than just a fashion statement, but a therapeutic, healing treatment to help ourselves achieve a pleasant, balanced state of mind, through getting in touch with the nature.

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